canyoning, tarzaning, rope course in madonna di campiglio

Canyoning, Tarzaning and Rope Course

The thrillsof sports

The charm of daring
A real competition with yourself, where you can challenge your limits and overcome them, or share the experience as a couple, family or with friends.

Canyoning in Madonna di Campiglio is one of the most exciting activities for all nature lovers. Slides, waterfalls, jumps, abseils along the course of the streams of Trentino: live the adventure in safely thanks to the assistance of a specialized Alpine Guide.

For those who prefer not to get wet, in Madonna di Campiglio, Tarzaning is perfect: a really exciting air route activity consisting of Tibetan bridges, cableways, Nepalese trolleys, pendulums. Suitable for all ages, it is the ideal sport to do in group or with the family.

Equipped with hiking boots, we suggest you experience the Rope Course, an innovative path on a structure of trunks, 12 meters high, implanted in the ground and connected with each other.

Get enchanted by Madonna di Campiglio’s spectacular nature: the water flows slowly or breaks into waterfalls, the rocks seem sculpted by time and history, immersed in the green of a lush vegetation. You will experience fabulous holidays during summer in Campiglio!