Hiking on the snow in Trentino

Snow hiking

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The trails to explore
The silence of the woods, the long walks surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes. Trentino offers a great many options beyond skiing.

If you are ready to leave your footprints in the snow, There are several slopes for you, groomed daily. These activities can tackle by anyone, thanks to the various degrees of difficulty present. In any case, we recommend that you rely on a professional mountain guide who knows how to direct you to the route that best suits your needs, equipment and clothing to wear.
Below we point out which are the routes to try absolutely:

PanoramaSentiero 'dei Siori'

1h 30min - km 3,8

This is a simple, mostly flat walk for everyone. It winds through the woods overlooking Madonna di Campiglio, where you can see the prevalence of fir and larch trees. It takes you to the Panorama area, which has a broad panoramic view of Val Rendena and the Brenta Dolomites.

  • Type of itinerary: easy walk
  • Height difference: 100 m A/R
  • Difficulty: easy

Malga Ritorto

2h 40min - km 5,9

This is a walk with a dynamic pace. It winds through the woods around Madonna di Campiglio, where you can see the prevalence of fir and larch trees interspersed with thick bushes of mountain pine. From the elevated position where you find Malga Ritorto, you can admire the hypnotic chain of the Brenta Dolomites to the east and the giant natural jewel in Italy, the Adamello glacier to the south/west.

  • Type of itinerary: easy walk
  • Height difference: 235 m A/R
  • Difficulty: medium.

Val NambinoLago di Nambino

2h - km 2,8

This is a brisk walk with softly sloping switchbacks. It winds through the enchanting coniferous forest that surrounds Madonna di Campiglio. In the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, the natural beauty of a glacial lake awaits you, Lake Nambino. The colour is in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding environment, and there is a characteristic alpine refuge, which is always ready to satisfy your appetizing desires. From here, you are also lucky enough to contemplate, in total tranquillity, the chain of the Brenta Dolomites.

  • Type of itinerary itinerario: medium walk
  • Height difference: 143 m A - 142 m R
  • Difficulty: medium.

SpinaleThe via dei Fevri

3h one way - km 7,2 - return by lifts

This is a strenuous walk that starts in the woods, on a beaten forest road, and then on a path. Then a vast plain opens up in front of you, the Malga Fevri, which, located on a natural terrace, allows you to look at the Brenta Dolomites on one side and the Adamello glaciers on the other. The place well organized; it has the Graffer refuge where you can cross the ski slopes. Furthermore, for the return to the valley, those who want to have the possibility to take the lifts.

  • Type of itinerary: medium walk
  • Height difference: 744 m A - 0 m R
  • Difficulty: medium.

SpinaleTerrazza sul Brenta

about 1h one way - km 2,7

This is a short-lasting and not too strenuous walk, which starts from Monte Spinale and continues for a phenomenal panoramic slope up to the Boch refuge. Upon arrival, you can meet the ski slopes and evaluate whether to return to the valley by taking the lifts.

  • Type of itinerary: high altitude excursion
  • Height difference: 91 m A - 68 m R
  • Difficulty: medium.

VallesinellaPath of the Archduke

1h 15m - km 3,2

This is a not too complicated walk, which starts from Madonna di Campiglio, continues in the beautiful Vallesinella and ends with the arrival at the Cascate di Mezzo. Initially, the path winds through the woods, made up of magnificent specimens of beech trees, up to a glacial spectacle, the frozen waterfalls.

  • Type of itinerary: medium walk
  • Height difference: 52 m A - 124 m R
  • Difficulty: medium. Il tracciato ha uno sviluppo piuttosto lungo ma non presenta particolari difficoltà.

Piana delle MalghetteMalga di Vigo

 2h 30min - km 7

This is a not too strenuous walk that develops on a ring itinerary that goes from Campo Carlo Magno, passes through Malga Vigo to Malga Zeledria. Start by first along a forest road and then a path, which crosses the ski slopes in coexistence with Malga Vigo and Zeledria. The Malghette plain is a great place where you can relax while enjoying the incomparable, breathtaking view of the Brenta Dolomites.

  • Type of itinerary: medium walk
  • Height difference: 155 m A - 126 m R
  • Difficulty: medium.

Campo Carlo MagnoVaglianella Ring

about 2h - km 5,1

This is a not too arduous walk that extends along the cross-country ski slopes of Campo Carlo Magno, continuing along the Malga Mondifrà until reaching Malga Vaglianella. Once you arrive at your destination, you can descend through the woods along a circular road that takes you back to the starting point.

  • Type of itinerary: medium walk
  • Height difference: 224 m A/R
  • Difficulty: medium.

VaglianaDossi di Vagliana

2h 35min - km 5,6

This is a complex walk that starts from Campo Carlo Magno, continues to Malga Mondifrà, Malghe Vaglianella and Vagliana up to the intermediate station of the Grostè cable car. At this point, let yourself be captivated by the sight of the majestic south walls of the Dolomite massifs of Vagliana and Pietra Grande.

  • Type of itinerary: difficult walk
  • Height difference: 505 m A - 87 m R
  • Difficulty: difficult. .